Smart scheduling for Creators

A scheduling system built for real estate photography. Scale from one person to thousands while incorporating factors like availability, drive time, service duration and more.

Spend less time scheduling, and more time shooting.

Optimal geographic based routing system to account for both start and shoot locations.
User based views to allow admins to schedule for the team, or individual confirmation.
Filterable calendar and list views to toggle between team schedules and individual calendars.

Automatic Team Assignment

  • Account for Availability, Location, Time, and Services
  • Optional Round Robin Assignment
  • Enable Team Member Selection
  • Manual Overide for Changes
Smart real estate photography scheduling software. Automated team member assignment,
Smart real estate photography scheduling software. Automated geographic territory awareness for the most efficient scheduling.

Geographic Territories

  • Unlimited Territory Creation
  • Efficient Routing from Home Bases
  • Assign Users to Multiple Territories
  • Set Custom Travel Fee Areas

Calendar Management

  • One Calendar to View All Schedules
  • Day, Week, Month, & List Views
  • Filter by Person, Territory, Time, etc.
  • Connect Existing Personal Calendars
Calendar system for real estate photography scheduling.