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4 Quick Tips on How Aryeo Can Change Your Business

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Take your real estate photography business to the next level!

  1. Delivered Value — We often hear photographers asking how they can differentiate themselves within a market and that there are other photographers coming in and doing low quality work at a fraction of their price. By using Aryeo, not only do you deliver your images to your agents, but you are granting them access to a property marketing suite, complete with property websites, flyers, videos, and much more. This is what we mean by perceived value. The images may not have changed nor did the time you put in to the job, but the agents believes they are getting a far more valuable service, and likely would be willing to pay a little more for a photographer who can deliver them this.
  2. Efficient Delivery — At Aryeo we pride ourselves on creating a system that is as easy and efficient to use as possible. We understand that photographers do not want to get home after a long day of shooting and have to spend hours editing and delivering images, nor do they want to pay an admin or an assistant to do it! That is why our upload process requires as few clicks and information as possible, making it as fast and easy as can be to upload, select you customer, and deliver your shoot.
  3. Online Ordering — Along with every Aryeo photographer account comes a custom branded embeddable online Order Form. You can add in your products and services, embed the form into your website, and immediately begin accepting orders from new and existing clients. Adding online ordering has changed the businesses of many photographers and the Aryeo team is happy to help you get the system implemented into your site today. If you are currently happy with your online ordering system, Aryeo is extremely easy to integrate into your business without the need to upend your current systems.
  4. Selling Add-Ons — Selling add-ons can be the single best way to dramatically increase your revenue, without dramatically increasing your amount of work. With Aryeo, we offer products solely to photographers such as the automatically generated Aryeo slideshow videos and custom domains that can be purchased and sold at a higher price to your customers! As an example our slideshow videos are available for $10 in your photographer account, and are often sold by Aryeo photographers for anywhere from $29.00 — $75.00 each. This means you earn a profit of $19.00 — $65.00 in additional revenue with nearly no work involved!

To learn more about how the Aryeo system can be integrated into your existing workflow, please contact us at [email protected].

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