Adding your own property domains to Aryeo

Monday, January 20, 2020

Aryeo now supports adding domains you own to one of your properties. This is great for situation when you or your client may have already purchased a domain, but would like to make the property website viewable on it. This service costs 5 credits, which is used to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain. This ensures the website is “secure” and displays properly for your customers.

Please follow the steps below for adding your domain. These instructions will vary depending on where you purchased your domain, and we have listed GoDaddy specific instructions as well.

1. Update your DNS Records

You will need to add two CNAME records to your domain. One for the root domain, and one for your “www” subdomain.

The first CNAME record:

  • Host: www
  • Value:

The second CNAME record:

  • Host: @
  • Value:

Note: if you are using GoDaddy, you will be unable to add the second CNAME record with “@”. Instead, you must set up a Redirect Method. Scroll down in your DNS settings and find the “Forwarding” section. You will create a new forwarding setting that is “Permanent”. You will forward it to your same domain, but include the “www” beforehand. For example, if your domain is, then add forwarding for Your result should look like this:

2. Add to Aryeo

Once you’ve added these records to your DNS, go to the property dashboard in your Aryeo account for the property that you are adding the domain to. Within the “Property Website” tab you can click the “Links” tab:

At the bottom of the “Links” tab is a new button labeled “Add Personal Domain”. Please click this and submit your domain (*do not include www):

That’s it! Once you submit your domain should be activated within an hour. Activation time varies by vendor and can sometimes take up to 24 hours. Domains purchased through Aryeo’s system are typically activate within a few minutes.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions!

~ Aryeo Team

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