🎊🎉Aryeo 2020 Calendar! 🎉🎊

Branick Weix
April 21, 2021

🎊🎉Aryeo 2020 Calendar! 🎉🎊

We're exciting to showcase the Aryeo 2020 Calendar! Every year our team curates some of our favorite properties and images created by photographers using Aryeo in the last year. Each month on the calendar showcases a different photographer and their work. We'll be posting a new update each month, so stay tuned!

Cover Image:

This years cover photo is from the one and only Chris Miller and One Point Media Group. It showcases a masterful straight down aerial shot with incredible lighting from one of his properties. Nearly every time we look at it we discover something new within the image. Great work Chris!

January Image:

The month of January features a wonderful winter aerial from 360 Tour Designs in Salt Lake City. David and Aundrea Demille produce some tremendous work and we felt this image perfectly embodied the month of January.

February Image:

The month of February features a great bathroom shot from Melissa Cacioppo from MC Architectural Photography in New Jersey.

March: coming soon