Update #1 - Aryeo iOS App Waitlist

Branick Weix
May 16, 2022

Update #1 - Aryeo iOS App Waitlist

We're excited to get this new product in the hands of our customers. I have not seen many (if any) photography companies that have an app of their own. Even when I look at the national real estate photographers (Virtuance, VHT, Planomatic, etc) - none of them have their own app. I hope this will provide a massive leg up for independent photography companies and also increase sales significantly by putting your order form and business in the pocket of your clients.

I plan on sending updates in the coming months on the status of the app and how our testing is going. If you no longer wish to receive these updates, please reply to this email and let me know. We're currently working with a handful of photography companies, ranging in team sizes from 1 to over 100 employees, to help make the app as impactful as possible. In this first update, I want to go through three of our main goals with the app:

1. Driving sales

Our number one goal is to help ensure this app drives more sales for your business. We think the app will accomplish this by first streamlining the ordering experience for new customers and secondly making it easier than ever for your existing clients to re-order.  We are also in the process of launching promotional codes, and that will include a dedicated "mobile promo code" option so that you can incentivize new clients to download your app however you see best.

2. Retaining customers

If you're a busy agent it can often be difficult to remember a website name or login to another portal online. With these mobile apps, we're hoping to solve all of those problems and make it easier than ever for agents to simply open their app and order. Additionally, as we work with your clients more, they'll build up a library of all of their media that they can access in their app.

3. Accessing media on the go // social media posting

When agents spend hundreds of dollars on a new photoshoot, they immediately want to post the content to social media and share the videos on their Instagram and TikTok pages. However, one of the biggest challenges we see is making it easy to get the files onto an agent's phone. Unfortunately Apple makes it quite difficult to use zip files on your phone, and oftentimes we see agents screen-shotting images and posting those to their social media. With this new app, we're putting file downloads front and center and allowing agents to save photos and videos directly to their camera roll or post immediately on social media.

Feedback/insights/requests? Please email [email protected] and let us know! We'd love any insights into how you could see this being impactful for your business.