Aryeo Updates  October 2019

Friday, October 18, 2019

Hi everyone! Our team has been hard at work making updates and adding new features. We are excited to have switched domain providers, bringing you even cheaper rates and better delivery. Here are some of the recent updates:

  • Listing Domain System — set your own prices!
  • Company Domain System (set multiple “app.” “tours.” “listings.”)
  • Clickable Download Center Image Previews
  • Watermarked Images
  • Multiple Image Drag+Drop Arranging
  • Purchase Video Slideshows with Credits
  • New Config Options (analytics + music)

Listing Domain System

Our new domain system is now live! We’ve switched providers, bringing you cheaper prices and faster service. On average, .COM domains now cost $14 and .INFO domains cost $9.

Customers can now purchase domains directly from you, at prices you set.

You can go into the new “Domains” tab in the sidebar and set an “add-on price”. This amount will be added to the cost of domains and customers can purchase them directly in your account. Your fee will automatically be deposited to your bank account (if Stripe is connected) or in credits on Aryeo. This is a great way to earn additional income. Here are some other domain highlights:

  • Domains are automatically activated and linked to the property site — no work required on your side
  • We host the domain so it remains in the browser URL — unlike when someone forwards from a domain

Company Domain System

Your company can now add multiple domains and choose your own subdomain. Some common ones are “app”, “listings”, “tour”, however you may choose any word you’d like! This makes your property websites available on a sub-domain that is branded to your business:

Companies can have multiple domains!

Pro Tip: some photographers have multiple domains to separate their residential and commercial work!

Download Center Updates + Watermarking

Customers can now click images in the download center to get a fullscreen preview of that image! They can easily flip through the entire gallery on their phone or computer.

Don’t worry about screenshots — if you’re charging payment for the property through Aryeo, we’ll automatically watermark the images with a “preview” overlay, preventing users from screenshotting the large previews!

Images are only watermarked if payment is enabled

Multiple Image Drag+Drop Arranging

Need to rearrange multiple images at once? You can now select multiple images by using the “Command” key. Simply hold it down and click on the images you want to select and move. If you’d like to select an entire row, click on the first image and last image while holding “Shift”!

Other Updates

Purchase Video Slideshows with Credits — video slideshows can now be purchased using your account credits.

New Config Options (analytics + music) — we’ve added settings to turn music on or off by default for all properties or for specific customers. You are also able to automatically send weekly analytics reports for all shoots company wide or for a specific customer. You can access this by hitting the “Edit Config” button in your customer center or in the Settings subtab within the Company tab!

Coming Soon

  • Deleting multiple images at once
  • Branded login/register pages for your customers
  • and more!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! You can contact our team at [email protected]

~ Aryeo Team

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