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Sunday, September 8, 2019

In this article, we will be walking through the full process on how to create a listing. There are two spots on the Aryeo Platform that you can begin from, the “Create Listing” button on the left sidebar, or the “Create Listing” button on the drop down menu of the upper right corner.

Both buttons lead to the same screen so click whichever is most convenient for you. After selecting this button, you will be directed to the 3 Step process of creating a new listing and Property Website.


In Step 1, the address information is required. Start by typing in the address in the “Auto-Address Assist” text box.

When you see the correct address, click on it in the drop down menu and the boxes below it will automatically populate.

At this step, you are also able to add the agent details for that property (see the bottom of this window). You can search directly for an agent using the search bar and add them with one tap of the “Add Customer” button. If you don’t see them available in that search, you can create a quick profile for them with their name and email by clicking on the “click here” option at the very bottom of the window.

Don’t have the customer information at this time? No problem — you can wait to add this until after you finish creating the listing.


Step 2 of the create listing process revolves around the property images. To upload images, either drag the images into the area labeled “drag & drop any files” or click the “Choose a local file” button and your finder window will open. You can then begin select your images. You are also able to upload images directly from other file management systems, including Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive by selecting their icon on the left side of the window.

Your images will begin to upload, the progress of which will be shown by the yellow progress bars on the right side of the window. After uploading, you are free to delete any unwanted file if necessary by selecting the grey trash can.

When you have uploaded all of the images that are included in this listing you can hit the “Save & Continue” button in the bottom right corner. You cannot rearrange your images at this time, but you will have the opportunity to do so later! To see tutorial on rearranging images, please visit this article.


The 3rd Step of creating a listing is where you will select a theme for your Property Website. The selected theme will be highlighted with a grey box. You are able to view examples of each of the themes by selecting “Live Demo” below each option. If you are unsure which theme you want at this time, that’s okay. You’ll be able to go back and change this option later if desired.

You are also able to select the listing website domain. Aryeo offers hosting on the Aryeo domain for 5 credits and, if you have completed the custom domain set up, your domain for 8 credits. You are able to select from available domains in the drop down at the bottom of the window.

Click “Confirm & Create” when you have selected your theme and domain. This will direct you to the listing creation confirmation pop up, which allows you to confirm by selecting the “Create Listing.”

Congratulations! You’ve just created your first listing. You’ll now be directing to the listing page where you can add/edit further details to complete your set up.

Listing Page

Once your listing has been created, you are directed to the main editing page for the listing (this is also directly accessible from your Listings Dashboard by selecting “View & Edit” on any listing).

There are nearly endless ways for you to customize your listing adding details such as Youtube or Vimeo videos, 3D Virtual Tours, Floor Plans, announcement banners, and much more. All of these options are available under the tabs at the top of this Listing pages. We’ve created a series of articles to walk you through some of those options, available here:

If you need additional assistance or would like to schedule a full demo with a member of the Aryeo team, please send us an email at [email protected]

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