Customer Spotlight - Still the Moment Real Estate Photography

April 21, 2021

Customer Spotlight - Still the Moment Real Estate Photography

The best business ideas are born from people fixing issues they’ve experienced for themselves. This is how both Aryeo and Still the Moment Real Estate Photographer came to be. At Aryeo, we’re on a mission to empower real estate photographers in doing what they love. As times change and the industry adapts, we are taking the time to sit down with our customers and learn more about them and where they are today.

As one of the Customer Support Specialists on the team, I had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting with Hannah Herbold, who has been an Aryeo customer for nearly 2 years. 

Hannah started her career in photography as a contractor. She quickly fell in love with the industry and decided to start her own business. Getting started, Hannah knew she needed software to help streamline her business. This included online ordering, smart scheduling, payment processing, property websites, content hosting and delivery, and more features to help delight her clients. After a quick search on Google, Hannah knew Aryeo was the right solution for her business.  

We are grateful for customers like Hannah and the team at Still the Moment who put their trust in us to provide an amazing product and service to power their business. Hannah uses Aryeo to power her ordering and invoicing and provide the agents she serves with a dashboard for all of their listings. Aryeo enables quick and easy content delivery to clients, all in a single place. Each listing is accompanied by a beautiful property website to help market the property, crucial in such a fast paced market. During our conversation, she mentioned in the past, customers were leaning on her for help downloading images. Since switching to Aryeo, she has not had a single agent come to her with download issues and finds that all of her customers find the platform to be user friendly and intuitive. 

Operating out of Denver, Colorado Hannah and her team of four have seen homes fly off the market in just a few short hours. Her business relies on a system that's as efficient as possible to give her customers the amazing service they deserve. In fact, most of her shoots are booked 24 hours in advance and she has a one day turn around on content. 

Still the Moment is special for so many reasons, one which is that it is a 100% women run company, owned and operated by Hannah who is an incredibly talented professional. In an industry dominated by men, it is amazing to see so many women reaching out to Hannah to be a part of the team. Although, it is no surprise that there is so much interest in joining Still the Moment. The company empowers all of it’s team members to succeed by motivating and supporting them to bring their best selves to the work they do. 

When asked what advice she would give to photographers starting in real estate, she said it is important to consider all that you can do for an agent. They hired you to be an asset while selling a home. That could mean they need a quick turn around to help sell it quickly or they need high quality content to showcase the home's unique value. An efficient ordering process, easy photo downloads, and an opportunity for customized marketing materials are all ways you can achieve an outstanding experience for your customers without compromising efficiency for you and your business. Hannah believes this will keep the agents coming back for all of their listings.


It was such a pleasure speaking with Hannah and learning more about her business and we are proud to be a partner in the success of Still the Moment Real Estate Photography.

We introduced our Customer Spotlight Series to highlight some of the great people and businesses we support every day. Empowerment begins with saving photographers and other content creators time and helping them make more money. Equally as important is sharing knowledge and providing top notch support. By elevating the stories of our customers and building a thriving online community we support those in the pursuit of a sustainable livelihood by helping photographers deliver content, create marketing materials, and more efficiently run their business.

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