How to Change the Real Estate Agent on a Tour

Sunday, September 8, 2019

In this article, we will walk through the process on how to change the real estate agent on a Tour. We will assume that you have already gone through the full process of creating the listing and now need to make edits to it after the fact.

To begin, find the listing you wish to edit on your account dashboard and click the “View & Edit” button when your cursor hovers over the listing (or search for the listing in the top search bar).

Once on the property’s dashboard, you will see a hierarchy of different tabs, beginning with Property Info, Customer, Marketing, and Settings at the top with sub-tabs under each option.

The second tab is “Customer,” and you are able to edit the real estate agent details that populate the branded tours (or add the agent details if you did not do so when first creating the tour).

Add Agent

If you have not yet entered agent information, you are able to add the agent details in this window. You can search directly for an agent using the search bar and add them with one tap of the “Add Customer” button, or if you don’t see them there you can create a quick profile for them with their name and email by clicking on the “click here” option at the very bottom of the window (though for best results on the property website, fill in as many fields as possible).

Share or Make Co-Listing

If you already have an agent listed for the property, you will have a slightly different view, shown below.

Here there are several options to update agent information. To share the property (grant access to additional users), click on the “Co-Listing (Beta) / Assistant Sharing” heading at the bottom of the window, which will show the expanded view seen in the image above. From there, you may choose to share the property or make it Co-Listing.

Change or Edit Agent

To edit current agent details, select the “Edit Customer Details” button on the right side of the window. A pop up will appear, displaying agent information.

Here, agent information may be updated or, should you want to change the agent on a property, you can remove the current agent by selecting the “Remove Customer” button in the bottom left of this Customer Profile pop up.

Doing so will result in the original, customer-less view seen at the beginning of this article.

The desired customer may now be searched for or added, using the steps outlined above for adding an agent to a property.

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