How to Edit a Listing

Sunday, September 8, 2019

In this article we will be walking through the full process on how to edit a listing. We will assume that you have already gone through the full process of creating the listing and now need to make edits to it after the fact.

To begin, find the listing you wish to edit on your account dashboard and click the “View & Edit” button when your cursor hovers over the listing.

Once on the property’s dashboard, you will see a hierarchy of different tabs, beginning with Property Info, Customer, Marketing, and Settings at the top with sub-tabs under each option.

Property Info


The first sub-tab under “Property Info” contains links to your property websites, links to download property images in various sizes or enter the download center, and some basic stats on whether the property has been delivered or not and views on the virtual tour links.

Virtual Tour Sharing options are also available at the bottom of this window.


The second sub-tab under “Property Info” contains an expanded list of many of the key property details you may want to share in your virtual tour. If you make a change any of these details, just be sure to hit the corresponding green update button.

We’ve additionally added in auto-complete functionality on this sub-tab to make filling in these details in even easier. Clicking the purple “Autocomplete Details” button at the top of the window will automatically search public records for bedrooms, bathrooms, and property details and will then autofill those details for you!


The third sub-tab under “Property Info” is Images. Here, you are able to download, rearrange or delete images and add captions.

Download buttons for the property images are shown at the top of the window. To rearrange images, simply drag and drop the image thumbnails. As soon as your order is set, make sure to click the green “Save Changes” button in the top right. To add image captions or delete images, click the “Toggle Captions” button right under “Save Changes.”

You’re able to use whatever caption you would like, but we have some preloaded in a dropdown also to make this stage of the process as efficient as possible for you. With the caption autocomplete functionality, the list of suggested captions will update as you type. You are able to navigate the drop down using either your computer’s arrow keys (clicking enter once you find the caption you like) or by clicking directly on the desired suggestion.

Efficiency tip from the Aryeo Team: once you have your caption selected, hit your keyboard’s tab button once to jump to the next image and then once again to jump to the next image’s caption box. You can then type in the next caption without touching your mouse at all! We hope this can make adding captions to your images quick and easy.

Video + 3D

The next sub-tab under “Property Info” is Video + 3D. This sub-tab allows you to embed 3D Tour and Video in your virtual property tour. If you need to add in a link to a YouTube or Vimeo, paste the link in the text box and click “Check Link” to ensure it is properly formatted.

Follow the same process to embed a 3D/Matterport Link.

Sometime’s property videos aren’t uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo, but that’s okay too. By clicking the “Upload Video Files” option in the bottom left of the window, you are able to upload a video file directly.

These files can be up to 5 GB each, and you are able to upload both branded and unbranded versions. Make sure to click the “Save Changes” button in the bottom right of the window once finished.

Property Info

The fifth sub-tab under “Property Info” contains the upload fields for any property floor plans. The floor plans must be images selected by hitting the “Choose an image” button and can be named in each of the text fields on the left.


The sixth sub-tab under “Property Info” is Banner. The Open House/Banner Message contains a field for text that will appear in a blue banner at the top of the property website. This is often used to include information about an upcoming open house or alert buyers of a recent price drop.

There are a series of other property settings and stats available under the “Customer,” “Marketing,” and “Settings” tabs.


Under the “Customer” tab, you are able to edit the real estate agent details that populate the branded tours (or add the agent details if you did not do so when first creating the tour). Any relevant agent information can be filled in. For best results on the property website, fill in as many fields as possible.


The “Marketing” Tab contains Analytics on the virtual tour websites as well as video and flyer builders which can be used to generate further marketing content for a property!


Finally, the “Settings” tab provides options for Theme and Music selections of the virtual tour, as well as a “General” sub-tab allowing you to deactivate the property websites temporarily, keep track of private, internal company notes (great for keeping track of issues, feedback, or general details you don’t want the agent to see), or delete the property.

If you are in need of additional assistance or would like to schedule a full demo with a member of the Aryeo team, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

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