January Updates

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hello everyone! We hope your new year is off to a great start - it's been a busy month here at Aryeo with listings pouring in all throughout the country! Our team has been hard at work and we wanted to give you a few quick updates:

Aryeo <> CubiCasa Livestream 1/21 @9am PST

We're excited to join our friends at CubiCasa for a livestream with Dee Johnson tomorrow on "Capture the World with Dee". For those of you who don't know, CubiCasa is remarkable new tool that allows photographers to create floor plans with their phones. We're extremely impressed by their software and highly recommend you check it out if you haven't so far. You simply open their app and record a video while walking around the home (usually about 10 minutes total) - and that's it! Within 24 hours they'll send you a complete floor plan with measurements, labels, and all the details your customers need.

We're excited to chat with Dee Johnson about our story, Aryeo 2.0, and some exciting new ways that photographers can use both our systems to provide more value to their customers. We will begin on Tuesday, January 21st at 9am PST. You can view the livestream here:

Aryeo 2.0 Update #1: 3D & Interactive Content

Read About It Here

We have published the first Aryeo 2.0 update sharing how we'll be expanding support for 3D & Interactive Content. This continues to be an important part of photographers businesses and with new dedicated landing pages, Matterport optimization, and payment collection we hope it will bring more success to your business. Read about it here:

2020 Aryeo Calendar

Read About It Here

Every year our team selects our favorite pictures from the previous year and turns it into a full calendar. We'll be posting each month as they come and have released the cover and January. Check out who made it here:

New Feature: Custom Property Titles

We've added a new feature that allows you to customize what's displayed on your property website's title. As a default, the Aryeo system displays the property address, however we realize this is not always desired. You can adjust this on specific properties or at your company level and choose whether to display the address, city, and/or state. Go to your "details" tab within a property and scroll to the bottom:

New Feature: Add Your Own Domains

Read About It Here

In the fall we launched our new domain system and we've now added another new feature to it: adding domains you already own. This feature makes it easy for you to add existing domains either you or your customer own to a specific property. Check out the full instructions and details here:

Questions, Comments, Ideas?

Our inbox is always open - reach out to us at [email protected] at any time!

~ Aryeo Team

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February Updates

We hope your January went well! We saw the spring market kick in early for photographers all around the country - it's going to be a busy spring.