August 2019 - Video System 2.0

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Hi everyone! We hope you are enjoying your summer and business is going well. July was the busiest month ever on Aryeo! We’re excited to see so many photographers delivering their content and property websites through Aryeo. We’ve been overhauling our video system and are excited for a major new system to ensure you can deliver all of your content through Aryeo.

The video system is now active for all future listings (8/14/19). Past listings will remain as is and automatically be transitioned to the new system in the coming weeks.

Video System 2.0

We started Aryeo with a focus on making it easy for photographers to upload and send their images to customers. Our new video system brings that ease of use directly to video shoots. Using our new videos tab, you can simply upload any number of videos to a property. Aryeo automatically resizes the videos and optimizes them for playback on the web. If you upload a 1080p video, we’ll give your customers options to download the original file, or resized versions at 720p and 480p. The new system also supports links from YouTube or Vimeo. Simply paste your link and we’ll take care of the rest! Please watch the video below for a complete overview:

The video system is fully integrated with our payment system, meaning if you’re charging for a shoot, your customers can’t download the videos until they pay. They will be able to preview them before paying however, and we’ve also optimized playback for mobile devices.

We know many photographers will often include an additional video of the neighborhood or amenities. Because of this, we’ve added support to all of our property site themes to display multiple videos. We’ve also added a new option in the slideshow settings tab that allows you to specify the video header on either branded or unbranded sites. Sometimes you may want to display the same video on both the branded and unbranded sites — you can do that now too!

Note: multiple sized video downloads are only available with the property website add-on

Additional Updates

In addition to the new video system, we’ve been making a number of improvements to our property sites:

Analytics Updates — customers are now able to view a list of the top 25 referring websites on all of their properties:

Photographer Branding — we’ve updated our social media sharing tools to better display the photographers brand and name:

Credit: Press Play Media

Agent Linking — all of our branded property sites now support direct links for agent’s contact information. Users can easily click to email, call, or visit the website of your agent’s!

Custom Music Choices — looking for a different song choice on your property website? You are now able to directly upload songs from your personal library. Please make sure you have commercial licensing for your songs.

As always, thank you for using Aryeo. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

~Aryeo Team

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