March Updates

Sunday, September 8, 2019

We’ve been hard at work making updates to the Aryeo system. Over the last month we’ve made dozens of behind-the-scenes updates to our servers and system architecture. We handle hundreds of thousands of images and want to guarantee your customers can view them safely and securely. In addition, we’ve launched a number of new features:

  • Slideshow Version — available on all themes
  • Music — available on all themes now
  • Video Builder — now just $10 for photographers
  • Aryeo on Mobile — updated for easier access to aryeo.com on the go!

Slideshow Version

Often times your customers may want to use both a “property website” styled theme, in addition to a slideshow theme. They can both showcase your pictures and the property in different ways. Because of this, we’ve added the slideshow theme (Pacific) to every single property website.

This new version is immediately available on all of your past properties as well. Simply change the ending of your property site URL’s from “/branded” to “/slideshow/branded” or “/slideshow/unbranded”:

If you have any questions at all please let us know! We’ve built it so that information will always be updated across all of your versions.


We now allow music on all themes (if you enable it!). Simply go to your Property Settings > Music and select the song you’d like. You can also enable this by default in your Config settings, either for all of your shoots or on per-customer basis according to their preferences. Once enabled, your customers will see a floating “music” icon in their corner that enables or disables the song.

Video Builder Pricing

We’ve cut the price of our video builder from $29 to $10. We’ve also removed the listed cost from agent accounts so only photographers can view it. We hope that this makes it possible for photographers to sell videos directly to agents at an additional price. This is a great way to make more money without any additional work, and we’ve had tremendous feedback from photographers doing this thus far!

Aryeo on Mobile

Did you know Aryeo’s website is fully mobile responsive? This means you can access it on your iPhone, iPad, or whatever! Simply login on your device and you’ll receive a mobile optimized version of our site. This goes for both photographer and agents accounts. You can deliver properties, update details, or even reset your customers passwords all on your phone:

Previous Updates

In case you missed it, we launched two major features in January — Payments and Configurations. Payments allow you to collect payments directly from your customers to your bank accounts. You can even choose to have the download center locked off until your customer pays for the shoot first! Configurations allow you to customize the property slideshows and music settings. Pro-tip: you can set preferences for each of your customers in your customer center so that property sites will auto-default to what they like best! Each customer can have a completely different set of options. You can read about all of these updates here: https://medium.com/aryeo/payments-customizable-themes-january-2019-a7a7d0f05126

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