May Updates

Sunday, September 8, 2019

We’ve been hard at work rebuilding the customer center for you! This new center is now available in your account and allows you to edit individual customers and search all of their listings. Here’s an overview of the updates:

  • New Customer Center
  • Download Center “One-click All Sizes”
  • Support both Branded/Unbranded 3D Tours
  • Internal Notes Tracking
  • Autocomplete Caption Assist

New Customer Center

Check out the video below for an overview of the new customer center:

New Aryeo Customer Center

The new customer center allows you to easily search and sort through all of your customers. Additionally, you can click into individual customers and either create a listing or update their account settings. This also allows you to view all of the listings for a specific customer. We plan on implementing this kind of search and sorting capability throughout the entire system.

Download Center One-Click

The updated download center allows your customers to easily download all available sizes into one folder on their desktop. They can simply click the “Download All Sizes” button:

Branded/Unbranded 3D Tours

Listings now support unbranded and branded links for both videos and 3D. Regardless of your 3D provider, we support everyone from Matterport, iGuide, Zillow, and dozens more:

Internal Notes (Private)

We now support private, internal notes within listings. This is great for keeping track of issues, feedback, or general details you don’t want your agent to see. This is available under the main “Settings” tab and within the smaller “General” tab:

Autocomplete Caption Assist

We realize captions can be a very time consuming task. To speed this up, we’ve added an autocomplete drop-down menu that recommends common captions. Additionally, we support adding captions directly from your image filenames:

As always we appreciate your feedback and questions! Your input helps us prioritize features and systems.


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