Team Spotlight - Meet Todd

Todd Bushway
June 11, 2021

Team Spotlight - Meet Todd

Name: Todd Bushway

Speciality: Customer Success

Joined: Nov 2020

Location: Cape Cod, MA

Hey everyone, my name is Todd Bushway and I am with the customer success team at Aryeo. I have been lucky enough to meet a good amount of you through the support inbox over the last several months. I joined Aryeo in November of 2020, and like a lot of people around the world I am still mostly remote. I was apart of the graduating class of 2020 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I watched my graduation on a TV screen in my house wearing a UMass sweatshirt. Due to COVID shipping delays, we did not receive our cap and gowns in time for graduation. I graduated as a Business Management major and spent my previous summer working as an assistant in a Compass Realty office.

I live on Cape Cod and love every second of the summers here... the winters not so much. My favorite part of being on the Cape is playing golf at the amazing courses here and spending time out on the water. Throughout High School and College I worked in building and woodworking. I have developed a passion for building and remodeling. I enjoy spending time on these projects with my dad. I learn something new every project with him and we both find building something with our hands very rewarding. My interest in real estate as well as my love for media and content brought me to Aryeo.

Some of my favorite memories include going on trips with friends and creating short movies to post on YouTube. The videos are amateur at best and get almost no views, but I love making the videos and trying to get better at videography. I have found that road trips, no matter where or how far you go, often bring the best adventures.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you and get to see the amazing work and content you all create. I look forward to helping grow this community together and learning from all of you!

P.S. - I got my first drone last summer, any and all advice welcome!