The Benefits of a Property Website

Matt Michalski
April 21, 2021

The Benefits of a Property Website

Why the best in the industry delivery property websites and why you should too.

1. Provide More Value to Your Customers

The best way to retain your customers is to continually provide them value. Often times this can be done through adding new services such as twilight shots, aerials, or videos. However one of the EASIEST ways to accomplish this is to provide them with a property website. Not only are they able to share the property site on social media, but they are able to use this new marketing tool to collect leads and win new listings; leading to more work for you. It’s a win all around!

2. Free Advertising For Your Business

One of the main actions that real estate agents take when they receive a property website is to share it on their social media. With a real estate agent sharing your work on social media, with your logo on the property website and your domain in the URL, this is a gold mine for getting new business from other real estate agents that see the property site. While the quality of your images certainly plays the largest factor in earning new business, the fact that the agents will also get their own property websites to share is just another reason for them to use your services.

3. Separate Yourself From Competitors

Another reason to provide your customers a property website is to separate yourself from your competitors. This is particularly effective when looking for ways to raise the bar from low cost competitors. You will have a visible and tangible product that appears superior, and one that can help agents justify any increase in price.

4. Content Presentation

Last but certainly not least, a property website provides a way to present all of your content together in a beautiful and cohesive way. Rather than just a link to download images, a property website displays your images, videos, 3D tours, floor plans, and other content in a way that is visually appealing and instantly makes a good impression. Your delivery as a photographer can be more important than one would think, as a negative experience of downloading and viewing images can cause a client to be lost forever. Property websites help solve this problem by creating an attractive and easy-to-use viewing environment for your clients.

Your current and future clients’ interaction and perception of you business is all it comes down to and anything that can be done to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones will serve you well in the long run. The cost of a property website is a small price to pay for the many benefits that it provides!