Update #1: Expanding Support of 3D & Interactive Content

Branick Weix
April 21, 2021

Update #1: Expanding Support of 3D & Interactive Content

This is the first of many updates regarding Aryeo 2.0, our major system being launched in Q1 2020. As the weeks progress we'll share what we're working on and some previews of the new features you'll see.

We've seen the usage of 3D & Interactive Content pick up dramatically over the last year. For many this means Matterport, iGuide, or Zillow's 3D Home Tours. This is a trend that we think will continue, and we want to make sure our new system provides greater support for these use cases. We have also seen an increasing number of photographers who solely deliver 3D content - Aryeo 2.0 will be the system for you, allowing you to host, deliver, display, and get paid for all of your 3D content. Here are some of the new features we're supporting:

Dedicated Landing Pages for 3D Content

Instead of delivering a link to your customers that says "my.matterport.com/show/325531" you will now be able to deliver "yourcompany.com/123-main-st/etc". Aryeo's system will allow you to paste in the link to any 3D Provider (Matterport, iGuide, NodalView, CloudPano, etc) and we'll automatically create a full landing page. This landing page will feature the property's address, play button, and your branding (all customizable):

Once users click the play button they will be brought immediately into their 3D tour.

Payment Collection

By obfuscating the underlying link, Aryeo is able to preview content to your customers without the fear of them taking the URL before paying you. This will be built into our new invoicing and payments system which will make it easier than ever to collect payment on your deliveries. Once your customers pay they will be able to see the link and share it across their own sites.

Matterport Integration

Aryeo 2.0 will automatically determine when you have a Matterport 3D Tour and ask if you'd like to optimize for Matterport. If you choose "yes", we will automatically generate both a branded and unbranded version for you. Additionally, optimized Matterport's will preload in the background making it faster than ever for your customers to view their content.

Branded to your Business

Because Aryeo will create a full screen landing page for your 3D content, we are able to layer your own branding on top. This is great for 3D providers that don't allow you to include your name and brand. We've seen massive photography businesses built by showcasing their name on the bottom of property sites. This is a particularly great way to getting your name out to other agents.

Comments, Questions, Ideas?

Reach out and let us know! We'd love to hear from you and make sure Aryeo 2.0 is the best solution for your business. Our inbox is always open at [email protected]

~ The Aryeo Team