Update #2 - Aryeo iOS App Expanding Access

Branick Weix
May 23, 2022

Update #2 - Aryeo iOS App Expanding Access

Aryeo customers,

We first opened up our iOS Beta three weeks ago to a handful of companies, and I'm excited to share that we now have iOS Apps live in 3 countries! These initial companies have been providing feedback and testing, and we're now ready to open up another wave of customers into the app. Our team will be reaching out later this afternoon to the next 10 companies on the waitlist - please keep an eye out on your email.

In the past few weeks we've also launched a number of advanced tracking and analytics features. All of our customers now have access to Activity Logs which provide transparency about actions being placed on listings or orders. Companies joining this mobile beta will also be receiving access to our advanced analytics dashboard, which will also include stats for your mobile usage. This will allow you to see how many customers are using the app, how many orders are coming in, and who your top users are:

We're excited to open up the beta further, and not only be the first platform to offer a mobile app, but allow our customers to be the first businesses in their market with customer facing mobile applications. Our next round of updates will include more details about tying together the web+mobile experience for your customers, making it easier than ever to download the app and use it for mobile orders.

Thank you for your support!