Update #2: Interactive Floorplans

Branick Weix
April 21, 2021

Update #2: Interactive Floorplans

This is the second of many updates regarding Aryeo 2.0, our major system being launched in Q1 2020. As the weeks progress we'll share what we're working on and some previews of the new features you'll see.

Everyone has asked about interactive floorplans for a long time - and we're excited to finally be supporting them in the Aryeo 2.0 system! Our builder is going to be one of the most advanced on the market and will be a great way to showcase floorplans and images together.

Drag & Drop Images

At its core, you'll get a gallery of your property images in your sidebar. Simply drag the image onto the floorplan and it will automatically create a pin with that image. You can then move the pin around or switch the floors to add images to a different area.

Simple and Advanced Modes

With a simple toggle button in the corner, you'll be able to switch between a "simple" and "advanced" mode. The simple mode will make it possible to easily place your images on floorplans and move them about. The advanced mode is going to offer full customizability to the icons, colors, fonts, floor layouts, pop-over settings, and much more! This is great for businesses that really rely on this product and are looking to offer something above and beyond.

We'll share a more in-depth demo of all these new features as we get close to launch!