Update #3: Property Website Builder

Branick Weix
April 21, 2021

Update #3: Property Website Builder

This is the third of many updates regarding Aryeo 2.0, our major system being launched in Q1 2020. As the weeks progress we'll share what we're working on and some previews of the new features you'll see.

Property Websites - Done Right

You asked, we answered. A fully interactive property website builder, complete with a live preview.

We started from the ground up and have re-built how property websites are made on Aryeo. The new builder gives you and your customers an easy, customizable system for creating, editing, and managing property websites. Our system auto-generates these sites based on all of your content and preferences, and gives you full control over details like: Fonts ✅, Colors ✅, Themes ✅, +/- Sections ✅, Arrangement ✅, and so much more...

Not only do we have an all new builder, but we're also rolling out all new website themes!

Check out the video below for a demonstration of our new theme Atlas as well as a quick look at the new back-end builder:

Now if only you could create and customize your order forms this easily....more announcements coming soon, make sure to subscribe for first access.